Lateral Press - Works more than legs!

FROM - Rendezvous Trailside Wellness, Colorado!
Life is NOT a linear event! For better results – mix it up.
The simple truth about fitness is this: Exercise that is done in an outdoor location that includes hilly or mountainous trails will better your performance. By utilizing a variety of terrain, you will learn a new degree of body awareness and train your body to move in a multitude of ways.

Weighing the Options - is there a single best exercise?

One of my favorite columnists, Gretchen Reynolds, the Phys Ed columnist for the New York Times, explores the new science of weight lifting, why runners might lift and why the squat may be the most effective weight-lifting exercise. Check out the video here.

A Simple Exercise to Improve Your Posture

QuestionI drive a lot and I think it's contributing to my bad (and getting worse) posture. Is there an exercise I can do to improve my posture?
Answer:  Yes! There is a simple and effective exercise that you can do to train yourself for better posture. This exercise is great for maintaining the natural “S” curve of your spine—what's more—you can do it at your desk or behind the wheel.

A Glute-toning Classic Goes Outdoors

The step lung targets your lower body, especially your legs and glutes. Think, “high and tight!”

What makes the step lunge so effective?
The reason why this move works so well is because you are using the large muscles of your legs and glutes against the forces of gravity. This eccentric action loads your muscles, putting them "on stretch," which sculpts and strengthens, while at the same time pushes your heart and lungs for a terrific cardio effect — which burns calories and cuts fat!

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