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Athleta Announces Their 2011 Featured Athletes!

Adventurous. Soulful. Passionate. Fun!
Athleta is a brand that I am excited about. I love the fact that the clothes are functional, fun, and make me run faster! Well, okay, perhaps I exaggerate a tiny bit...however, when you wear clothes that feel good, look good, and wick away the sweat, you are comfy and in the mood to do a little bit more. This is why I am so excited that Athleta has included me to be a part of their 2011 Team of Featured Athletes!

Study - The Best and Worst Sunscreens - How Does Yours Rate?

Given that we are Outdoor Enthusiasts, I thought you might find this Website by the Environmental Working Group (a non-profit consumer advocacy group), interesting.
I found out that of the sunscreens that I've been using, one should "be avoided" due to health concerns (Neutrogena SPF 55); and the other made it to the "Hall of Shame" b/c it doesn't block the UVA rays that can cause skin cancer (Banana Boat Baby -- I thought b/c it was for babies, it would be gentle!).  

Trouble Focusing? Feeling Blue? You Could be Overtraining

Too far too fast—overtraining and injury
Overtraining syndrome is the most common cause of injury and physical ailments. In a rush to accomplish too much too soon, people often do themselves—and their fitness goals—real harm. Play it smart, and you stay healthy, make steady progress, and enjoy your exercise uninterrupted by injury and fatigue. Overdo things, and you risk a host of injuries, including shin splints, stress fractures, ankle sprains, knee and lower back pain, and foot pain. 
Learn the Signs

Heal Thyself - New Study Finds Exercise Can Fight the Common Cold

We all know working out regularly keeps your body fit, but did you know it could also help you dodge the common cold?

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