Martha Stewart's Pick for Summer Fitness? Tina Vindum's Outdoor Fitness!

Tina Vindum's Outdoor Fitness featured in Martha Stewart's Whole Living
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Martha Stewart's Whole Living is currently featuring 6-pages of exercises and fitness tips from Tina Vindum's book and Outdoor Fitness program! Below, you'll find tips and exercise ideas from the article.

Trend Watch – Forest Bathing

Can exposure to parks and greenery reduce stress and strengthen Immunity?
"Shinrin-yoku" or Forest Bathing” has become an increasingly popular way for people in Japan to relax and get healthy.  Shrnrin-yoko is basically a relaxed stroll through the forest and it is thought of as natural aromatherapy. 

Beware of Gym Germs!

What's lurking in your gym?
It's official - experts have issued warnings about what might be lurking in your "health club." The main culprits? Bacteria, viruses, fungi and in some cases, the "Super Bug" MRSA.

Stressed Out? Rewire Your Brain for Calm

Have you been feeling stressed lately?  Chances are you have. 
One recent Gallup poll showed that the percent of people in America experiencing stress has grown to nearly 80%; half of whom reported being “very or extremely stressed.” 

Use Rosemary to Reduce Toxins in Grilled Meats

That gnarly rosemary bush in the backyard could make grilling your burger a whole lot safer.
For years we’ve been warned not to cook meats at sky-high temperatures because the charring can cause cancer. Now a new study shows that rosemary and rosemary extracts can actually block the formation of Heterocyclic Amines (HCA’s) – the carcinogenic compounds that form when meats are grilled.

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