Quickie Outdoor Workout - The Lower Body Express (Free Download)

Head for the hills to sculpt and tone your lower body in less than 10 minutes!
Download Tina's 10 minute Lower Body quickie workout - 5 moves to strengthen, tone and shape up your glutes, inner and outer thighs, hamstrings, quads and calves. 
Note:  Before you begin the workout, make sure you are warmed up and ready for action with the Outdoor Fitness Warm up.  You can also download the warm up podcast.
The Workout
*This workout uses a hill, however, you can modifiy the moves on flat terrain, steps and stairs.
1.  Wide-legged Hill Squat
2.  Tree Sit
3.  Diagonal Strides
4.  Traveling "Monster" or Lateral Steps
5.  Hill Lunges
Cool Down - The Four Basic Stretches (includes downloadable podcast)

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