Signature Moves - The Parking Meter Press

Live in the heart of the city? Want to give your rearview a lift? I created this exercise for just this purpose. As you do it, think “high and tight”—and I’m not talking haircuts!
I call this exercise the parking meter press, but in reality it can be done virtually anywhere, with a variety of props. In the mountains, I use trees. At the beach I use the lifeguard stand. You can also use playground structures, stop signs, flag poles, and fence posts.
The Parking Meter Press
Works: Glutes and hamstrings—intensely!
Props: Parking meter, post, wall, tree
Starting Position: Wedge the ball of your left foot up against the base of the meter by bracing your toes against pole so that your heel is planted firmly on the ground. Standing straight, lace the fingers of both hands around the pole at the height of your navel. Hook your right foot around your left ankle.
Action: Sit back as far as you can, so that your arms are straight and your left knee forms about a 45 - degree angle. With your left heel supporting all of your weight, press up through it, allowing your tailbone to rise only about 3-4 inches, before you slowly return to starting position.
•    Bend your knee to 90-degrees.
•    Extend the time and the repetitions
•    Slow your tempo down: 3 counts down and hold, 2 counts up
Focal Points
•     The movement is small and precise—be sure not to collapse at the knee.
•    Remember not to assist with your arms, as arms have nothing to do with this exercise.
Be sure to support yourself through your heel and not with your arms. By pressing firmly through your heel and leaning away from the pole, you ensure that you’re working the correct area—the spot where your glutes and hamstrings come together.


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