The Triceps Dip

This exercise does an excellent job shaping your shoulders and your arms.
The Triceps Dip 
Works: Deltoids, Triceps
Props: Bench, log, stump, high step, concrete block
Starting Position: Take a seat on the edge of a bench or block. Place your palms, fingertips down, along the edge. Extend your legs in front of you, slightly bent, resting on your heels.
Action: Inhale and lower your hips until your upper arms are nearly parallel to the ground, then, exhale back up pressing firmly through your palms.
Easier: Use two flat feet and bend your knees.
Harder: Only use one heel for support and keep the other leg straight out from your body, with a hard flex to your foot (toes pointing toward the sky).
Focal Points
•    Keep your shoulders square and down, away from your ears. Your tailbone should be just clearing the bench.
•    Protect your rotator cuff—don’t dip down below 90-degrees at the elbow.

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