The Outdoor Fitness Book

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"Tina's workout strategies are pure inspiration. The body/mind connection in her fitness philosophy encourages what we all know deep down; that we are a part of nature and that nature fuels our well being. Tina's practical and fun approach has helped me to see fitness as a lifestyle, and not a short term goal. Always fun and relaxing, Tina's exercises are effective and transformational. Buy this book and hit your nearest trails!"  ~ Robert

"I gotta tell ya - this is changing my outlook on fitness. I went for a brilliant run today on my property in upstate New York, up and down my big hill, and found a brilliant tree just made for doing pull ups and it was a stunningly beautiful day and I really don't want to see the inside of a gym again. It's interesting to look at a landscape and not just admire the scenery - but instead wonder how you can use it to challenge yourself." ~ Chris

"In my opinion an inspirational outdoor fitness book. The book is well written, contains a good choice of exercise pictures and goes beyond just doing exercises. I like the holistic touch when Tina describes her feelings and strategies of wellbeing in the great outdoors. The book also covers a good choice of sample exercise plans, training & food tips. It is a good reference for people who are interested in nature, outdoor sport and holistic living." ~ Jens


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